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abatement the act of lessening or reducing, or the condition of being lessened or reduced. [1/2 definitions]
abeyance in law, a condition of temporarily undetermined ownership, as of property or an estate. [1/2 definitions]
abnormality the quality, state, or condition of being abnormal. [1/2 definitions]
absence the state or condition of being away or not present. [1/3 definitions]
absolution the state or condition of being absolved. [1/3 definitions]
absurd the condition of consciously existing in a universe that lacks order and meaning. [1/2 definitions]
absurdity the condition or quality of being absurd. [1/2 definitions]
acceleration the state or condition of being accelerated. [1/2 definitions]
accumulation the condition of being accumulated. [1/3 definitions]
accuracy the condition or quality of being accurate.
acidity the condition of having excess acid. [1/3 definitions]
-acity (such) a characteristic, condition, or tendency.
acne rosacea a chronic skin condition affecting the face that is characterized by redness, pimples, swelling, and dilation of blood vessels; rosacea.
acquittal the act of acquitting, or the fact or condition of being acquitted.
activity the condition or state of being active. [1/4 definitions]
-acy characteristic, condition, position, or the like.
adapt to make fit or suitable for a particular need or condition; adjust. [1/2 definitions]
addiction the condition of being addicted, esp. to a narcotic substance.
adherence the act or condition of adhering. [1/2 definitions]
adhesion the act or condition of clinging or sticking. [1/4 definitions]
adjournment the act of adjourning, or the condition of being adjourned. [1/2 definitions]