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bandleader the conductor of a band, esp. a big band or swing band.
bandmaster the conductor of a musical band.
baton a thin rod or stick used by a conductor in leading an orchestra. [1/4 definitions]
brakeman a member of a railroad crew whose duties include inspecting the train and assisting the conductor.
carman one who works on a streetcar; motorman or conductor.
coil1 an electrical device consisting of a tightly-wound wire or other conductor. [1/8 definitions]
concertmaster the leader of the first violins of an orchestra, and usu. the assistant conductor.
conductance the ability of a conductor or medium to transmit electrical current. (Cf. resistance.)
corona a glowing electrical discharge at the surface of a high voltage conductor or between two electrodes. [1/5 definitions]
current the flow of electricity in a conductor. [1/5 definitions]
diode a conductor in which electrical current may move in only one direction. [1/2 definitions]
electrode a solid conductor through which an electric current enters or exits from an electric or electronic device. [1/2 definitions]
electrolyte any substance that dissociates into ions in solution or melted form, and thereby becomes a conductor of electricity. [1/2 definitions]
ground wire a wire acting as a conductor of an electric current to the ground.
Hertzian wave an electromagnetic wave, such as a radio wave, produced when electricity is oscillated in a conductor.
leader the conductor or principal performer in a musical group. [1/4 definitions]
live wire a wire or other electric conductor that is carrying electric current. [1/2 definitions]
maestro someone who is a brilliant or highly respected teacher, composer, or conductor of music. [1/2 definitions]
multiconductor combined form of conductor.
music stand a vertically adjustable rack for holding sheets of music for a performer or conductor.
podium a raised platform, as for a speaker or orchestra conductor; dais.