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absolution in Christian theology, a declaration of forgiveness of one's sins by a priest after confession and penance. [1/3 definitions]
admittedly by the willing confession, admission, or acknowledgment (of the speaker).
confess of a priest, to listen to (a penitent's confession). [2/6 definitions]
confessional of, pertaining to, or similar to a confession. [1/2 definitions]
confessor one who makes a confession. [1/3 definitions]
Confiteor a prayer at the beginning of the Roman Catholic Mass, in which there is a confession of sins.
peccavi a confession of one's sin or guilt.
penance in some Christian churches, a sacrament consisting of confession of and regret at having sinned, acceptance of punishment, and forgiveness. [1/2 definitions]
short shrift a brief time granted a condemned prisoner for confession or absolution before his or her execution. [1/2 definitions]
shrive of a priest, to hear the confession of, assign penance to, or give absolution to (someone).