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accouchement childbirth, or a period of confinement for childbirth.
captive held in confinement or restraint. [1/6 definitions]
commit to put into confinement, as in a mental hospital. [1/6 definitions]
commitment confinement, as in a mental hospital. [1/4 definitions]
constraint a state of confinement or restraint. [1/4 definitions]
detain to hold in confinement. [1/2 definitions]
durance involuntary and usu. extended confinement, as in a prison.
emancipation the act of freeing from some constraint or confinement. [1/2 definitions]
escape to free oneself from physical confinement. [2/11 definitions]
false imprisonment any illegal detention or confinement, usu. the result of false arrest.
fly the coop (informal) to escape from or as if from confinement.
house arrest legal confinement of a person under arrest in his or her home, a hospital, or a public building rather than in jail or prison.
house of correction an institution for the confinement and reformation of those convicted of minor offenses who are not regarded as confirmed criminals.
impacted of a tooth, unable to break through the skin because of confinement by bone. [1/2 definitions]
imprison to put or keep in a prison or other place of confinement. [1/2 definitions]
in irons undergoing confinement or restraint, as for punishment; in shackles or fetters.
institution a prison, mental hospital, or other place of confinement. [1/5 definitions]
internment confinement in a prison or prison camp, esp. during wartime.
lockdown the confinement of prisoners to their cells as a temporary security measure. [1/3 definitions]
lying-in the state of being confined for childbirth; confinement. [1/2 definitions]
poundage2 the confinement or housing of animals in a pound. [1/2 definitions]