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accost to confront and speak first to, often aggressively. [1/2 definitions]
affront to meet head-on; confront. [1/4 definitions]
breast to face, meet, or encounter; confront. [1/6 definitions]
bury one's head in the sand to refuse to confront reality or the facts; avoid the truth.
courage the quality of will that enables a person to confront fear or danger regardless of the consequences; bravery.
encounter to meet or confront in battle or conflict. [1/6 definitions]
face to confront or stand before without avoidance. [1/11 definitions]
face up to to confront stoically and bravely. [1/2 definitions]
on the warpath ready to confront, argue, or fight; angry; indignant. [1/2 definitions]
outface to confront (danger or the like) bravely; defy or resist. [1/2 definitions]
stand up to to boldly confront or fight back against (someone stronger or in authority) because of a real or perceived injustice. [1/2 definitions]
take the bull by the horns to confront a formidable problem in a direct manner in spite of fear.