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cream (slang) to conquer. [1/14 definitions]
down1 (informal) to conquer; beat. [1/21 definitions]
invade to enter as an enemy, by force, in order to conquer or plunder. [1/4 definitions]
master to overcome; defeat; conquer. [1/13 definitions]
nemesis that which one cannot beat, conquer, or succeed at; cause or agent of one's often repeated downfall. [1/3 definitions]
reconquer combined form of conquer.
Spanish Armada a Spanish fleet of warships, sent in 1588 to conquer England, which was thoroughly defeated by the English navy.
subdue to overcome or conquer, as by military victory. [1/4 definitions]
surmount to get over or past; overcome; conquer. [1/2 definitions]
sweep one off one's feet to overwhelm or conquer, esp. in courtship.
vanquish to subdue or defeat by or as if by greater force; conquer; overcome.
whistle in the dark to mask or conquer fear by making a show of bravery.