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bagful a great or considerable amount. [1/2 definitions]
by a long shot by a considerable amount or distance.
cut a wide swath to attract considerable attention; make a big impression.
delight considerable pleasure, satisfaction, or enjoyment. [3/5 definitions]
good considerable; ample. [1/24 definitions]
goodly large; substantial; considerable. [1/2 definitions]
gush to flood out abundantly and with considerable force, as a liquid being released from compression; spurt. [1/7 definitions]
hefty of considerable weight or bulk. [1/2 definitions]
hometown the town or city in which one was born or grew up, or in which one has presently lived for a considerable time.
laborious requiring considerable effort or perseverance. [1/3 definitions]
long shot in photography, films, or television, a camera shot taken at considerable distance from the subject. (Cf. close-up.) [1/3 definitions]
sizable of considerable size or quantity; fairly large.
sore causing considerable misery or distress. [1/7 definitions]
speculative in financial matters, involving considerable risk while often promising high profits. [1/4 definitions]
store to stay in usable condition for a considerable time in storage. [1/7 definitions]
struggle to place or move (something) by making a considerable effort. [1/7 definitions]
substantial considerable; ample. [1/8 definitions]
substantive being of considerable size, quantity, or amount. [1/4 definitions]
walrus either of two large marine mammals related to the seals, inhabiting arctic seas and having two large tusks, flippers, considerable blubber, and tough thick hide.
well-worn showing marks of considerable wear or use. [1/2 definitions]
wide extending over a considerable or large area from side to side. [1/9 definitions]