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all-around considering everything; all in all. [1/2 definitions]
by and large in general; considering everything; primarily.
decide to choose after considering various options. [2/7 definitions]
decision the act of deciding, or the judgement, choice, or resolution that one has come to after considering a matter. [1/2 definitions]
food for thought something that is worth considering or contemplating further.
given in view of; considering; in consideration of. [1/6 definitions]
have it out with to finally have an argument or fight with someone that one has been considering having for some time.
hmm used to indicate the act or process of thinking and considering a matter.
in general not considering details that do not agree with the rule; usually; generally. [2 definitions]
in retrospect in considering past events or circumstances.
in view of taking into account; considering.
make up one's mind to decide, esp. after considering different possibilities carefully or at length.
opportunism an act or the habitual practice of taking advantage of situations for one's own ends without considering principles or the effects on others.
phrase a string of words embodying a unique unit of meaning that cannot be understood, or readily understood, by considering the meaning of each word on its own; idiom. [1/11 definitions]
respect to feel or express esteem toward, esp. by considering others to be above oneself in level of knowledge, experience, judgment, or virtue. [1/8 definitions]
seeing in view of the fact that; considering. [1/3 definitions]
um used to express that one is thinking or considering, and, often, to give oneself more time before speaking, as when trying to think of an answer to a question or when trying to make a decision.
when considering that; if. [1/9 definitions]