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body texture, consistency, or substance. [1/7 definitions]
cheese a substance similar to cheese in consistency and form. [1/3 definitions]
chiffon having a light, airy, or frothy consistency, as a dessert made with beaten egg whites. [1/3 definitions]
cream to beat to the consistency of cream. [1/14 definitions]
creamy creamlike in taste, consistency, or appearance; smooth-textured. [1/2 definitions]
gelatinous like jelly or gelatin, esp. in consistency. [1/2 definitions]
gummy of or resembling gum in texture or consistency. [1/2 definitions]
homogenize to make the same throughout in structure, nature, or consistency; make homogeneous. [1/2 definitions]
ice cream a rich, sweet, frozen food made by churning cream and milk products to a smooth consistency while freezing, and often flavored.
jelly any substance with a gelatinous consistency. [1/4 definitions]
logic the consistency of relation among the parts of something such as a machine or a work of art. [1/4 definitions]
mush1 any mass resembling this cereal in consistency. [1/3 definitions]
pudding a dish with a similar consistency, unsweetened and thickened with cereal, rice, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
pug2 to knead or work (clay) with water until it has a plastic consistency. [1/2 definitions]
purée a food that has been reduced to a uniform, pulpy consistency, as by straining. [1/2 definitions]
reconciliation the process of bringing into agreement or consistency. [1/2 definitions]
rubbery like rubber in consistency or elasticity.
sloppy thin and liquid in consistency. [1/5 definitions]
stiff rather firm in consistency; viscous; thick. [1/13 definitions]
syrupy having the sweetness or consistency of syrup. [1/2 definitions]
tallowy like tallow in color or consistency.