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abide to tolerate (usu. used in negative construction). [1/6 definitions]
amphitheater a room of similar construction, used for lectures and the like. [1/2 definitions]
angle iron a piece of rolled iron or steel in the form of a right angle along its lengthwise dimension, used in construction for joining parts or as support.
architect one who designs buildings and oversees their construction. [1/2 definitions]
augmentative in grammar, a word, word element, or phrase with an augmentative function, or a construction that contains such an augmentative item; intensifier. [1/3 definitions]
bald cypress a cone-bearing tree that grows in the swamps of the southeastern United States, the wood of which is used in construction and shipbuilding.
balk a heavy beam or timber used in building construction. [1/7 definitions]
batten2 a narrow board or strip used esp. for exterior siding and flooring in wooden building construction. [1/4 definitions]
be used with the past participle of another verb to form a passive construction. [1/10 definitions]
bent1 in construction, a transverse member or framework used to strengthen a structure. [1/5 definitions]
block such a piece, usu. made of concrete, used for building construction. [1/19 definitions]
build to be employed in construction, esp. of houses or other large structures. [1/7 definitions]
builder someone or something that builds, esp. one who constructs or is involved in the construction of houses or buildings.
cabin a small dwelling, usu. rough and simple in style and construction. [1/4 definitions]
Cape Cod a style of home architecture patterned after the summer cottages common in that area, usu. of wood construction with steeply gabled roofs. [1/2 definitions]
cement any of various powdered mixtures of clay and limestone that harden into a solid with the addition of water, used as a construction material. [1/6 definitions]
cofferdam a temporary, watertight structure, built to permit construction under water or in wet soil.
complement in grammar, a word or phrase that is necessary to complete a construction, such as "happy" in the sentence "He seems happy," or "a judge" in the sentence "She became a judge." [1/7 definitions]
constructive of or relating to construction; structural. [1/3 definitions]
contraption (informal) a mechanical device, sometimes of odd design or construction; gadget.
coquina limestone made from an aggregate of coral and seashell fragments, used in construction. [1/2 definitions]