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affluent based on or conditioned by prolonged prosperity and the expectation of continued prosperity, as a society. [1/3 definitions]
cont.1 abbreviation of "continue" or "continued."
contd. abbreviation of "continued."
continuation the state of being continued. [1/4 definitions]
epistolary established or continued through letters. [1/3 definitions]
existence continued being or life. [1/4 definitions]
French Revolution the revolution in France that began in 1789 with the people's overthrow of the monarchy, continued with the establishment of a republic, and ended in 1799 with Napoleon's rise to power.
jazz a form of music characterized by improvisation and complex rhythms, with early influences of ragtime and blues. Jazz originated among Black musicians during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in America. Jazz has continued to evolve and to influence new forms of modern music in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
longtime having existed or continued over a long period of time.
manhood suffrage within a nation, the right of all adult men to vote regardless of their status. In the United States in the nineteenth century, the movement within individual states toward manhood suffrage sought to guarantee that poor and propertyless white men would not be denied the vote. This movement succeeded in its particular aims but did nothing to ensure the right to vote for non-whites. Although the Fifteenth Amendment was passed after the Civil War to prevent states from denying the right to vote to anyone based on race, manhood suffrage continued to be denied to non-white adult males in many states.
modern art artistic production associated with a movement in art that began in the late 19th century and continued through the late 20th century, during which period an interest in realism and the use of traditional materials diminished and an interest in abstraction and experimentation with materials flourished.
population explosion a great expansion in a biological population, esp. of humans in the twentieth century, resulting from a continued high birth rate combined with a decrease in child mortality and an increase in longevity.
prescriptible of a title or right, capable of being acquired through long, continued use or possession. [1/2 definitions]
put off to deny the satisfaction of someone's request; cause (someone) to make continued attempts to receive an answer, payment, or the like; [1/3 definitions]
shareware software delivered free of charge and, for continued use of which, users are asked to pay a small fee.
standing the time throughout which something has continued or existed; duration. [1/7 definitions]
subsistence the provision, source, or means of sustenance; that which supports life or continued operation. [1/2 definitions]