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Catch-22 a situation in which one is trapped between two logically contradictory rules or regulations that make successful action impossible.
consistent not contradictory; in agreement. [1/2 definitions]
contradiction a person or thing that has contradictory qualities, elements, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
doublethink the simultaneous acceptance of two contradictory statements.
enigma something puzzling, contradictory, or mysterious; something for which a solution cannot be found. [1/2 definitions]
estoppel in law, a prohibition against making an allegation or denial that is contradictory, esp. to an allegation or denial made previously.
generally discounting contradictory or exceptional specific instances. [1/3 definitions]
inconsistent not following logically; contradictory. [1/2 definitions]
noncontradictory combined form of contradictory.
paradox a person, thing, or situation that exhibits contrasting or contradictory qualities. [1/3 definitions]
rebut to prove false by means of contradictory evidence or argument; refute. [1/3 definitions]
repugnance the quality of being contradictory or inconsistent. [1/2 definitions]
schizophrenia (informal) the existence of strongly contradictory elements, characteristics, motives, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
self-contradiction a statement, idea, or action that contains contradictory elements. [1/2 definitions]