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concenter to bring, direct, or come to a common center; converge.
concentrate to gather; converge. [1/6 definitions]
concurrent converging or tending to converge at the same point, as lines. [1/5 definitions]
converge to cause to converge. [1/3 definitions]
convergence the point, line, or the like at which lines, planes, or objects converge, or the degree at which they do so. [1/4 definitions]
crossfire a situation in which a number of things, forces, or ideas converge or are exchanged rapidly. [1/2 definitions]
edge a line where two surfaces converge. [1/9 definitions]
focal length the distance between the optical center of a lens or curved mirror and the far distant point where light rays converge upon an object.
junction a place where two or more roads, railways, rivers, or the like meet or converge. [1/5 definitions]
magnetic pole either of the apparent poles of a permanent magnet, at which the lines of magnetic force seem to converge. [1/2 definitions]
meet1 to form a junction; converge. [1/13 definitions]
vanishing point in perspective, the point at which receding parallel lines appear to converge. [1/2 definitions]