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cantilever in architecture, a long, low bracket used to support a balcony or cornice. [1/4 definitions]
corbel a bracket projecting from a wall to support an arch or cornice. [1/3 definitions]
cornice to decorate or furnish with a cornice. [1/4 definitions]
dentil one of a group of small rectangular blocks resembling teeth, such as those forming a molding or projecting from under a cornice.
entablature in classical temples or derivatives, the part of the building between the columns and the roof, consisting of the architrave, frieze, and cornice.
frieze in architecture, an ornamental band with lettering, design, or sculpture, as above the columns in a classic temple, between the architrave and the cornice, or around the top of a room or building.
spandrel in architecture, the roughly triangular space formed by the exterior curves of an arch or arches and the enclosing frame or overhead cornice.