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abuse a corrupt procedure or custom. [1/7 definitions]
barbarize to corrupt, coarsen, or degrade in quality. [1/4 definitions]
bribe to influence, induce, or corrupt by means of bribery. [1/4 definitions]
corrupt to become corrupt. [1/11 definitions]
corruption the act of making corrupt or depraved. [2/5 definitions]
debauch to lead or seduce into immorality or intemperance; corrupt. [1/3 definitions]
degeneracy an act considered morally corrupt, esp. one of a sexual nature. [1/2 definitions]
demoralize to weaken or do away with the conscience or morals of; corrupt. [1/3 definitions]
deprave to change for the worse, esp. morally; corrupt; pervert.
depravity an immoral, corrupt, or depraved act or habit. [1/2 definitions]
evil morally or spiritually corrupt. [2/7 definitions]
fester to become rotten or corrupt. [1/5 definitions]
flyblown contaminated or spoiled; corrupt. [1/2 definitions]
infect to corrupt or contaminate morally, as though with a disease. [1/4 definitions]
influence corrupt use of personal connections to sway someone in a position of authority. [1/4 definitions]
leper a corrupt person regarded as deserving to be cast out or shunned by society. [1/2 definitions]
perverse stubbornly directed toward wickedness or evil; corrupt or sinful. [1/3 definitions]
pervert to lead astray or corrupt. [1/5 definitions]
poison to harm or contaminate; corrupt. [1/6 definitions]
polluted made unclean, impure, unhealthy, or corrupt; contaminated.
reform to cause (someone) to abandon an evil, corrupt, or irresponsible way of living. [1/5 definitions]