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daybed a couch, usu. armless, that may also be used as a bed, or a bed that serves as a couch.
divan a couch or cushioned seat, usu. without arms and sometimes with pillows backed onto the walls instead of a backrest.
glider a swinging porch seat or couch suspended by chains or straps from a metal framework. [1/3 definitions]
litter a covered and curtained bed or couch mounted on poles, used to carry someone. [1/11 definitions]
living room a room in a residence, usu. with a couch, armchairs, and the like, used for various social and leisure activities.
lounge a couch, often lacking a back and having one elevated end or a headrest. [1/8 definitions]
quack grass see couch grass.
quitch see couch grass.
sofa a long upholstered seat with arms and a back; couch.
studio couch an upholstered couch, usu. backless, that can be converted into a bed, often by sliding out a spring frame from underneath.