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chivalrous kind and courteous in a manner suggestive of chivalry. [1/3 definitions]
civility courteous behavior; politeness. [2 definitions]
comity of nations the courteous recognition of different nations for each other's laws and institutions. [1/2 definitions]
cordial warm and gracious; courteous. [1/4 definitions]
gentleman a courteous and honorable man. [1/4 definitions]
gentlewoman a courteous and honorable woman. [1/3 definitions]
nice thoughtful of others; courteous; kind. [1/6 definitions]
polite demonstrating good manners or thoughtfulness; well-trained in deportment; courteous. [1/2 definitions]
request to ask for (something), esp. in a courteous or formal manner. [1/5 definitions]
well-mannered polite, gracious, and courteous.