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chicken (informal) cowardly. [1/4 definitions]
chicken-hearted (informal) cowardly; timid.
chicken-livered (informal) cowardly; timid.
chickenshit cowardly. [1/3 definitions]
cop out (informal) to avoid facing a responsibility or fulfilling a promise, esp. in a cowardly way.
craven shamefully timid or afraid; cowardly. [1/2 definitions]
dastardly cowardly; mean; sneaky.
funk1 a cowardly or fearful mood; fright. [1/5 definitions]
pantywaist (informal) a weak, cowardly, or unmasculine man or boy.
pusillanimous shamefully timid; cowardly.
recreant lacking courage; cowardly. [2/4 definitions]
show the white feather to act in a cowardly fashion, esp. in wartime.
sneak someone who is cowardly, dishonest, or stealthy; untrustworthy person. [1/4 definitions]
white-livered having little or no courage; cowardly; lily-livered.
yellow cowardly. [1/7 definitions]