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around the bend (informal) crazy; insane.
barmy (chiefly British; informal) a bit crazy; nuts. [1/2 definitions]
batty (slang) eccentric or crazy.
berserk deranged or crazy. [1/2 definitions]
buggy2 (informal) crazy. [1/2 definitions]
cuckoo (slang) a crazy or foolish person. [2/5 definitions]
daffy (informal) silly, foolish, crazy, or weak-minded in mood or temperament.
dotty1 (informal) eccentric, weak-minded, or a little crazy; daft. [1/4 definitions]
fruitcake (slang) a crazy or eccentric person. [1/2 definitions]
haywire (informal) acting in an unpredictable or disordered manner; crazy. [1/3 definitions]
insane having a disabling mental disease; crazy; mad. [1/4 definitions]
kook (slang) a person considered to be eccentric, strange, or crazy.
loco (slang) crazy; mad; insane. [1/3 definitions]
loony insane; crazy; lunatic. [1/3 definitions]
mad as a hatter wildly impulsive or completely crazy.
mental (informal) crazy; insane. [1/4 definitions]
meshuga (informal) crazy; insane.
nut case (slang) one who is unbalanced or crazy.
nutty (informal) crazy or wildly enthusiastic. [1/3 definitions]
screwy (slang) crazy. [1/2 definitions]
touched mentally unbalanced; crazy. [1/2 definitions]