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biathlon an athletic competition combining cross-country skiing and sharpshooting events.
cross-country a cross-country sport, esp. running. [1/4 definitions]
harrier2 any of several small hounds bred for hunting cross-country, usu. in packs. [2 definitions]
marathon a cross-country footrace of 26.2 miles. [1/3 definitions]
motocross a cross-country race for lightweight motorcycles over rough terrain.
musher one who travels with or drives a dog team, esp. over snow in cross-country sled races.
Nordic (sometimes l.c.) of, pertaining to, or designating skiing or ski contests involving jumping or cross-country racing. [1/2 definitions]
orienteering a cross-country race in which competitors follow a course in unfamiliar territory by using a map and compass.
pentathlon in the Olympic games, a five-event contest in which each competitor must ride, on horseback, a cross-country course, run cross-country, swim, fence, and shoot a pistol. [1/2 definitions]
X-C abbreviation of "cross-country."