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doubletree a crossbar on a wagon or coach that has a singletree at each end, used when two horses are to be harnessed abreast.
goalpost in football, either of two upright posts supported by a crossbar, defining an area through which a field goal or conversion must be kicked. [1/2 definitions]
gonfalon a flag or banner hanging from a crossbar, esp. one used as a standard by the medieval Italian republics.
pole vault a field event in which the participants perform high vaults with the aid of a long flexible pole that propels them over a crossbar.
pole-vault to vault over a high crossbar with the aid of a pole; perform a pole vault.
rung2 a horizontal crossbar, usu. rounded and usu. one of several, braced between two vertical members, as on a ladder or between the legs of a chair.
transom a small, hinged window above an interior door, or the crossbar separating the two. [1/2 definitions]
whiffletree a horizontal crossbar with a pivot in the center, to which the harness traces of a horse or other draft animal are attached for pulling a plow or wheeled vehicle.
yoke a device used to join together a pair of draft animals, usu. comprising a crossbar with two U-shaped loops, each fitted around the head of an animal. [1/9 definitions]