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absolute precise, exact. [1/7 definitions]
abstract designating the idea of something without regard to a particular instance or object. [2/13 definitions]
abstractable combined form of abstract.
abusive inclined to treat others with cruelty or disrespect. [1/4 definitions]
accept to regard as valid or correct. [1/6 definitions]
accidence the principles or rudiments of a subject. [1/2 definitions]
accomplice a person who helps another commit a crime or wrongful act.
account an explanation of conduct. [1/15 definitions]
accumulate to amass; collect. [1/2 definitions]
act to produce an effect. [1/14 definitions]
action effect. [1/8 definitions]
active currently operating, in process, or in effect. [1/6 definitions]
adenovirus any of a group of viruses that causes disease of the upper respiratory tract.
admiration a feeling of wonder, awe, or deep respect. [1/2 definitions]
admire to hold in high esteem; respect. [1/2 definitions]
afoul entangled, in collision, or in conflict.
after all used to remind the listener of an important fact or to ask the listener to consider this fact. [1/2 definitions]
alimentary canal the body passage into which food is ingested and in which it is digested; passage from the mouth to the anus; digestive tract.
amendment an addition to, change to, or deletion from a document such as a legislative bill or contract. [1/3 definitions]
-ana collected items or information pertaining to (such) a subject.
anacoluthon a sudden shift within a sentence from one grammatical structure to another, esp. when done for rhetorical effect.