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briquette a small brick or cube of charcoal or compressed coal dust, used as fuel in cooking.
cu. abbreviation of "cubic," having the volume of a cube whose edge is of a specific length.
cubic shaped like a cube. [2/3 definitions]
cubical in the form of a cube; cubic. [1/2 definitions]
cubiform in the shape of a cube.
cuboid like a cube in shape. [1/4 definitions]
flashcube a small, disposable cube with four flashbulbs that attaches to a camera and is automatically turned after each picture is taken.
ice cube one of the small, usually cube-shaped, pieces of ice made by freezing water in a divided tray, which may be added to drinks or packed around things to keep them cold; ice.
lump a small cube of white sugar, used esp. to sweeten hot drinks. [1/7 definitions]
rotenone a white, odorless, poisonous, crystalline compound obtained from the roots of derris and cube plants and used in insecticides and treatments for chiggers and scabies.
sugar a cube or teaspoonful of sugar, taken in a beverage. [1/8 definitions]