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abomasum the fourth stomach chamber of cud-chewing mammals such as cows, in which food is digested.
bison a hoofed, shaggy, cud-chewing mammal with a large head and forequarters, short curved horns, and a hump at the shoulders, found in North America; buffalo. [1/2 definitions]
giraffe a spotted, cud-chewing, four-footed African mammal with exceptionally long legs and neck.
moose a large North American hoofed, cud-chewing mammal with humped shoulders, the males of which bear broad, flattened antlers.
omasum the third stomach of a cud-chewing animal such as a cow, located between the reticulum and the abomasum.
rumen the first stomach of a cud-chewing animal.
ruminant any of various cud-chewing cloven-hoofed quadrupeds, such as cattle, deer, or camels, that usu. have a stomach divided into three or four compartments. [2/3 definitions]
ruminate to chew a cud. [2/4 definitions]
vicuņa a wild cloven-hoofed, cud-chewing mammal of South America that is related to the llama but is smaller and has a silky fleece. [1/2 definitions]