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accursed having been made the subject of a curse; damned. [2 definitions]
anathema a formal curse by ecclesiastic authority involving excommunication. [1/3 definitions]
anathematize to curse strongly or vehemently. [1/4 definitions]
blaspheme to slander or revile; curse. [1/2 definitions]
cursed subject to a curse. [1/2 definitions]
cuss (informal) to swear or curse. [1/3 definitions]
damn to curse at, esp. using the word "damn". [2/11 definitions]
execrate to denounce the evil of; curse. [1/3 definitions]
hex to put a spell or curse on, by means of witchcraft; put a hex on. [2 definitions]
imprecate to invoke (a curse, disaster, or the like) on another.
imprecation a curse, uttered or thought of. [1/2 definitions]
malediction the expression of a wish that evil or harm come to someone; curse. [1/2 definitions]
oath a curse word; profanity. [1/4 definitions]
profanity vulgar, obscene, or irreverent language, or the use thereof; cursing or a curse. [1/2 definitions]
swearword a word or phrase considered to be obscene or profane; curse word.