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aerobics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a system of physical conditioning involving sustained and vigorous exercise such as running, swimming, cycling, or dancing, that stimulates the heart and lungs and thereby improves the body's ability to utilize oxygen.
ball2 a large social function at which there is formal dancing. [1/2 definitions]
ballroom a large room used for dancing, as in a hotel, club, or mansion.
ballroom dancing dancing performed by couples to a variety of social dances, such as the waltz, tango, or fox trot.
barn dance a social gathering for dancing, often held in a barn and featuring square dances.
blue law any law prohibiting drinking, dancing, working, or doing business on Sunday.
break dancing a style of dancing involving acrobatic movements, such as spinning headstands, pantomime, and jerky, robotlike movements.
dance to move rapidly so as to suggest dancing. [2/9 definitions]
dance hall a usu. public establishment that charges an admission price and provides space, music, and sometimes partners for dancing.
dancer one who dances or whose profession is dancing.
dervish someone who belongs to any of several Muslim religious groups noted for their ascetic practices and for dancing and whirling in religious ecstasy.
disco a nightclub for dancing, usu. to recorded music; discotheque. [1/4 definitions]
discotheque a nightclub for dancing, usu. with recorded, amplified music; disco.
do-si-do a movement in square dancing in which two dancers approach each other, pass around each other back to back, and return to their original positions. [1/4 definitions]
folk dancing the activity of dancing to the traditional music of a particular region using steps that have been established by custom.
go-go (informal) of or related to discotheques or to the lively music or dancing at discotheques. [1/3 definitions]
hootenanny (informal) a social gathering at which participants engage in folk singing and sometimes dancing.
kabuki a form of Japanese popular drama using male actors for both male and female roles, and with highly stylized acting, music, and dancing.
leg warmers a pair of tubular coverings for the legs, usu. knitted from wool or the like, used esp. to keep the legs warm while exercising or dancing.
luau an elaborate meal of Hawaiian dishes, often featuring performances of Hawaiian music and dancing.
Maying the celebration of May Day by dancing, gathering flowers, or crowning a May queen.