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benighted in intellectual or moral darkness; ignorant; unenlightened. [2 definitions]
gloom lack of light; darkness or dimness. [1/5 definitions]
hammer a hand tool having a solid, heavy head set across a handle and used to pound, indent, or beat metal, nails, or the like into shape or place, or any similar device. [1/14 definitions]
loom2 a dim or distorted appearance, as of something seen at a distance or through mist or darkness. [1/4 definitions]
murk darkness or obscurity. [1/2 definitions]
night the hours of darkness between sunset and dawn. [2/5 definitions]
night blindness abnormally weak vision in dim light or darkness, caused by a deficiency of vitamin A.
nyctalopia abnormally poor eyesight in dim light or darkness; night blindness.
nyctophobia an abnormal fear of darkness or night.
shade relative darkness resulting from the interception of light rays. [4/14 definitions]
shadow an area of relative darkness. [2/12 definitions]
Stygian (often l.c.) characterized by darkness or gloom. [1/3 definitions]