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blank a dash indicating omission of one or more words or letters, often proper names or obscenities. [1/12 definitions]
bolt1 an abrupt movement away from or toward something, as in attempting an escape; dash. [2/14 definitions]
dart a fast, abrupt movement, esp. a short dash. [2/6 definitions]
plunge a sudden forward or downward movement; fall, leap, or dash. [1/8 definitions]
splash to dash or scatter (a liquid or semiliquid). [3/9 definitions]
streak as a prank, to dash naked in and out of public view; engage in streaking. [1/10 definitions]
swash to move about very rapidly; dash to and fro. [1/9 definitions]
whip to move suddenly or quickly; dash; whisk. [1/13 definitions]