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cutaway a man's formal daytime coat with sides tapering toward tails at the back. [1/4 definitions]
day care daytime care and supervision, in a home or day-care center, esp. for preschool children, or after-school or vacation care for older children, or supervised daytime care for elderly or disabled people.
days during the daytime regularly.
diurnal occurring or active during, or belonging to, the daytime rather than nighttime. (Cf. nocturnal.) [1/2 definitions]
good day used as expression of greeting or farewell in the daytime.
light1 dawn or daytime. [1/13 definitions]
morning dress formal daytime clothes for men, including a cutaway coat.
noon twelve o'clock in the daytime; midday.
sky blue a color like that of a clear daytime sky; light to pale blue; azure.
soap opera a melodramatic serialized drama, usu. broadcast on daytime television or radio.