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Abaddon in the Old Testament, a place of destruction; abode of the wicked dead; hell. [1/2 definitions]
All Souls' Day in some Christian churches, a day of prayer for the dead, usu. on November 2.
Anubis in Egyptian mythology, the god, represented with a jackal head, who leads the dead to judgment.
asleep dead. [1/7 definitions]
at rest dead. [1/2 definitions]
bioscopy the medical examination of a body to establish whether it is dead or alive.
blind spot an area nearby but which, or in which, one cannot see or hear what is happening, such as an area behind an automobile in motion that the driver cannot see through a rear-view mirror, or an acoustically dead spot in an auditorium. [1/4 definitions]
body a dead body; corpse; carcass. [1/7 definitions]
burial the act or process of putting something underground, esp. a dead body.
burial ground a place where ancient or primitive civilizations buried their dead, or a place where many soldiers were buried after a battle.
bury to put (a dead body) in a grave or tomb, or in the sea. [1/6 definitions]
carcass a dead body, esp. of an animal. [1/3 definitions]
carrion dead and rotting flesh. [1/3 definitions]
casket a box in which a dead person is buried; coffin. [1/3 definitions]
catafalque a raised platform on which a dead body, usu. in a coffin, rests during or prior to an elaborate funeral.
cenotaph a monument in memory of a dead person who is buried at a different location.
cerecloth a fabric coated with wax in order to render it waterproof, formerly used for wrapping the dead before burial. [1/2 definitions]
Charon in Greek and Roman mythology, the ferryman who transported the dead across the river Styx to the underworld. [1/2 definitions]
coffin a rectangular box in which a dead person is buried or cremated.
compost a mixture of decaying organic matter, such as dead leaves or manure, that is used as fertilizer or mulch. [1/4 definitions]
corpse a dead body, esp. of a human being.