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bajada a smooth, sloping plain along the base of a mountain range, formed by eroded debris deposited by moving water.
bulldozer a tractorlike piece of heavy equipment that pushes or lifts soil or debris with a vertical blade attached to the front.
caddisworm the wormlike larva of a caddisfly that lives in fresh water in an elongated case made of sand, plant debris, and the silk secreted by the larva after hatching.
detritus a mass of ruined or crumbling material; debris. [1/2 definitions]
drumlin an oval or elongated hill formed from glacial debris.
dust devil a small whirlwind that raises a narrow column of dust, sand, and debris.
goggle (pl.) a pair of protective lenses with a shielding framework, worn to protect the eyes from debris, strong wind, harsh light, chlorinated water, and the like. [1/6 definitions]
Great Pacific Garbage Patch a vast accummulation of debris made up primarily of tiny plastic particles floating in the upper column of water in the north central region of the Pacific Ocean.
ground beetle any of numerous, usu. dark beetles that are often found under rocks, fallen logs, or debris and that feed on other insects.
meteor the bright streak or flash seen in the sky made by generally small-sized space debris passing through Earth's atmosphere and burning up due to high friction, often referred to as a shooting star.
mudslide a flow of mud and debris down a gradual slope.
rake1 a tool consisting of a long handle and a row of tines extending perpendicular to it, used for gathering up debris or cultivating the ground. [2/12 definitions]
slash the debris remaining after the cutting of an area of forest. [1/9 definitions]
slashing a place in a forest that is cleared, but scattered with debris; slash. [1/4 definitions]
sweep to clear (a surface) of dirt, dust, or debris by means of a broom or similar device. [1/16 definitions]
talus2 an accumulation of broken rocks and debris at the base of a cliff. [1/2 definitions]
tidemark the mark or line left by debris deposited by a receding tide. [1/2 definitions]