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alpha particle a positively charged particle given off as radiation from some fission or decay processes, consisting of two protons and two neutrons.
antisepsis the killing of microorganisms that cause disease or decay.
antiseptic a substance or drug with the ability to kill microorganisms that cause disease or decay. [1/4 definitions]
asepsis the condition of being free of microorganisms that cause disease or decay. [1/2 definitions]
aseptic free of bacteria or germs that cause disease or decay. [1/3 definitions]
beta particle a high-speed positron or electron ejected from a nucleus in radioactive decay or fission.
calcium fluoride a white powder used in cements and other industrial products and as a tooth decay preventive.
canker any cause of corruption or decay. [1/7 definitions]
caries bone decay, esp. tooth decay.
conservator one who guards or preserves from harm or decay; custodian. [1/2 definitions]
corruption physical decay or decomposition. [1/5 definitions]
crumble to fall into small bits; decay. [1/2 definitions]
decadence the act, process, or condition of decline into an inferior state; deterioration; decay. [1/2 definitions]
decompose to cause to decay; rot. [2/3 definitions]
degeneration the process of decline or decay. [2/4 definitions]
dilapidate to let (something) go to ruin or decay, as by neglect, or to become ruined or decayed.
dilapidated fallen into disrepair or decay, esp. from neglect or overuse.
disintegrate to decay or be transformed, as an atomic nucleus bombarded by high-energy particles. [1/3 definitions]
dry rot a fungus decay of seasoned timber that causes it to become brittle and crumble into a dry powder, or the fungus causing this decay. [2/3 definitions]
dust the ultimate state of matter or of human beings that results from decay. [1/11 definitions]
ebb to weaken, decline, or decay. [1/4 definitions]