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crestfallen downcast or depressed; dejected.
depress to cause to be unhappy or dejected. [1/4 definitions]
depressed unhappy or dejected; morose. [1/3 definitions]
despondency the condition of one who is dejected by hopelessness or loss of courage.
despondent low in spirits; unhappy, depressed, or dejected.
disconsolate hopelessly unhappy; dejected. [1/2 definitions]
downhearted sad or depressed; dejected.
funky1 dejected; depressed. [1/2 definitions]
heavy-hearted burdened by sadness; depressed; dejected; melancholy.
low-spirited in low spirits; depressed; dejected; sad.
mope to act dejected and gloomy; sulk; brood. [2/3 definitions]