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clinic an assemblage of medical students for demonstration and instruction, often involving hospital patients. [1/4 definitions]
counterdemonstration combined form of demonstration.
demonstrate to give, stage, or take part in a demonstration. [1/4 definitions]
demonstrator a person who participates in a public demonstration. [2/3 definitions]
intelligence the demonstration of such capacity. [1/4 definitions]
manifestation a display, demonstration, or indication of something. [2/4 definitions]
object lesson a concrete, practical demonstration or illustration of a moral precept or ethical principle.
offer a demonstration of intent. [1/14 definitions]
proof a demonstration or proving. [1/13 definitions]
rally1 an assembly of persons for a common purpose; gathering; demonstration. [1/12 definitions]
recital a demonstration of ability in performance given by dancers, dramatic readers, poets, or musicians, esp. soloists. [1/3 definitions]
show a performance, display, or demonstration, usu. public. [1/16 definitions]
vouch to confirm or substantiate by providing evidence, as with practical proof or demonstration. [1/3 definitions]
walkout the act of leaving a meeting or the like as a demonstration of protest. [1/2 definitions]
workshop a meeting or series of meetings devoted to discussion and demonstration of practical applications in a specialized field or subject. [1/2 definitions]