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aggregate formed in a dense cluster or mass. [1/6 definitions]
alabaster a dense, fine-grained gypsum, often white and translucent, that is often carved for ornaments and figurines. [1/5 definitions]
altostratus a thick dense cloud that forms a uniform gray sheet that often produces precipitation, found at medium altitudes.
ament1 a dense, drooping cluster of scalelike flowers growing around a spike, found on trees such as poplars, birches, and willows; catkin.
bagel a leavened, ring-shaped bread roll with a dense, chewy texture.
basalt a dense, fine-grained, dark-colored igneous rock created by lava flow that is rich in minerals containing magnesium and iron. The most common igneous rock on the Earth's surface due to its high abundance on the ocean floor.
catkin a dense, drooping cluster of small flowers growing in rows on a spike, as on a willow tree.
cattail any of several tall, reedlike marsh plants with tiny brown flowers growing in dense rows on a cylindrical spike.
cauliflower a cultivated vegetable related to cabbage that bears a large, dense head of edible, crunchy, usu. white flowers.
chaparral a low, dense growth of shrubby oaks and brush, esp. in the American Southwest.
clover any of various plants having three-lobed leaves and small, dense flowers, and often used for pasturage or hay. (See four-leaf clover.) [1/2 definitions]
clump a dense grouping, as of trees. [3/6 definitions]
cold front the advancing edge of a mass of cold dense air as it displaces warmer air.
compact1 solidly joined or packed together; dense. [1/9 definitions]
cumulonimbus a tall, large, and dense cloud associated with heavy rain or hail; thundercloud.
density the state or condition of being dense. [1/4 definitions]
everglade a tract of swampland, esp. in Florida, having interlaced waterways and usu. dense stands of tall marsh grasses.
exosphere the outermost, least dense portion of the atmosphere.
fog bank a distinct dense mass of fog, esp. as seen from a distance.
fruitcake a dense, sweet, usu. moist cake containing dried and candied fruit and sometimes nuts. [1/2 definitions]
fudge1 a soft, dense candy or frosting made by cooking sugar with other ingredients, such as butter, chocolate, milk, nuts, and flavorings.