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contest to challenge, deny, or dispute. [1/5 definitions]
contradict to assert the opposite of; deny the truth of. [1/4 definitions]
denigrate to deny the worth of; sneer at; belittle. [1/2 definitions]
deprive to prevent from having or enjoying; deny. [1/2 definitions]
disallow to deny the truth or validity of. [1/2 definitions]
disavow to deny any knowledge of, responsibility for, or connection with; disclaim. [3 definitions]
disbelieve to withhold belief; deny. [1/2 definitions]
disclaim to deny (as any knowledge of, responsibility for, or connection with). [2/4 definitions]
disown to deny a relationship with or ownership of; repudiate.
forswear to deny or repudiate forcefully or under oath. [1/3 definitions]
gainsay to deny or contradict. [1/2 definitions]
lay (something) to rest to authoritatively confirm or deny something such as a rumor. [1/2 definitions]
negate to deny the correctness or existence of. [1/2 definitions]
negative to deny approval to; negate; veto. [1/14 definitions]
undeniable impossible to deny or dispute; irrefutable. [1/2 definitions]