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bundle to depart quickly or without the usual formalities (usu. fol. by "off," "out", or the like). [1/6 definitions]
digressive tending to digress or depart from the main subject.
exit to go out; depart. [1/7 definitions]
leave1 to depart or go away from. [3/10 definitions]
new wave (sometimes cap.) any of various new movements or styles that depart radically from established ones, esp. in the arts or popular culture.
quit to go away from; leave; depart. [1/8 definitions]
revisionism any doctrine or view of history that departs from a longstanding or widely accepted doctrine or view, esp. from orthodox Marxism, or that advocates practices that depart from it.
sally to set out or depart, esp. with energy or vigor. [1/7 definitions]
split (slang) to leave; depart. [1/16 definitions]
stirrup cup a farewell drink, esp. for a mounted rider about to depart.
take a hike (slang) to depart because one is not wanted.
vanish to leave quickly; depart unnoticed. [1/4 definitions]