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apocalypse any of several early Jewish or Christian writings on divine revelation that symbolically depict the ultimate conflict between good and evil. [1/3 definitions]
blazon to describe or depict (a coat of arms) with proper heraldic terms or details. [1/4 definitions]
dramatize to depict in the form of a drama. [1/2 definitions]
figure to depict pictorially. [1/16 definitions]
genre of or concerning representational paintings that depict scenes of everyday life. [1/3 definitions]
limn to depict with words; describe. [1/2 definitions]
modern dance a form of contemporary dance in which stylized movements of the body depict and express ideas, emotions, and the like.
objective correlative a literary description or a series of images that objectively depict a certain emotion and evoke that same emotion in the reader or viewer.
paint to depict in words. [1/10 definitions]
portray to depict visually or verbally; make a portrait of. [1/2 definitions]
program music instrumental music intended to evoke or depict a scene, story, event, or the like.
render to represent or interpret, as in a work of art; depict. [1/7 definitions]
represent to depict or portray, as in art. [1/7 definitions]
surrealism (sometimes cap.) an artistic and literary movement of the twentieth century that attempts to depict the subconscious mind with dream imagery, fantastic juxtapositions, and other unusual effects.