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assignee in law, a person appointed to act on behalf of another; deputy. [1/2 definitions]
governor general a governor of a large region, area, or territory who has jurisdiction over other governors or deputy governors.
surrogate to appoint as a substitute, replacement, or deputy. [1/4 definitions]
vicar-general a deputy, as of a king, who holds extensive power and authority. [1/2 definitions]
vice- acting in place of; deputy.
vice chairman a man who serves as an assistant or deputy chairman.
vice chairwoman a woman who serves as an assistant or deputy chairperson.
vicegerent a person appointed, usu. by a ruler, to exercise the ruler's power and authority; deputy. [1/2 definitions]
vice-regent a regent's deputy.
Walter Sisulu South African former Deputy President of the African National Congress and anti-apartheid activist; born Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu (b.1912--d.2003).