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chute1 to move or descend by chute. [1/4 definitions]
chute3 to descend to the earth by parachute. [1/3 definitions]
condescend to agree to descend to a level less dignified or less privileged than one's own; deign. [1/2 definitions]
dive to descend at a controlled speed, usu. head or front first, as a submarine submerging. [2/12 definitions]
fall to drop downward or to a lower position; descend. [1/19 definitions]
glide of airplanes, to descend gradually, with engine power diminished. [1/9 definitions]
hammer a hand tool having a solid, heavy head set across a handle and used to pound, indent, or beat metal, nails, or the like into shape or place, or any similar device. [1/14 definitions]
land to descend or arrive upon the ground or other surface. [1/11 definitions]
landing a point where goods are loaded and passengers ascend or descend, as on or from a ship or airplane. [1/3 definitions]
lower1 to come down, grow less, or descend. [1/9 definitions]
parachute to descend by using a parachute. [1/4 definitions]
rappel to descend a cliff, mountainside, or the like by means of a double rope wrapped around the body. [1/2 definitions]
succubus a demon in female form, thought to descend on and have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. (Cf. incubus.) [1/2 definitions]
traverse in skiing or climbing, to descend or ascend (a mountain or hill) at an angle instead of straight up or down. [1/11 definitions]