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appellative a descriptive name or title, as "Terrible" in "Ivan the Terrible". [2/4 definitions]
bibliography a descriptive list of source materials used in preparing a written work, often referred to in the body of the text. [1/4 definitions]
byname a surname or descriptive phrase following a name that identifies an individual but is not handed down to offspring. [1/2 definitions]
call to give a descriptive name or label to. [1/22 definitions]
catalogue raisonné reasoned catalog (French); a listing of books, art works, or the like, with explanatory notes; descriptive catalog.
cutline a descriptive legend, such as one beneath a photograph, diagram, or the like; caption.
label a descriptive term or brief phrase used to classify a person or thing. [1/7 definitions]
mechanical drawing descriptive precision drawing, often to scale, that is done with the aid of such implements as T squares, compasses, and French curves; drafting. [1/2 definitions]
nondescriptive combined form of descriptive.
Parthenos a descriptive addition, meaning "virgin," to the names of certain ancient Greek goddesses, esp. Athena.
running head a descriptive heading or title printed at the top of every, or every other, page of a publication.
self-descriptive combined form of descriptive.
Tammany of, relating to, or descriptive of the persons or practices of Tammany Hall.
tempo the relative speed at which a musical passage or piece is to be performed, usu. indicated by descriptive terms such as "andante" or "vivace" or by metronomic markings. [1/2 definitions]