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accord to grant as proper, suitable, or deserved; bestow upon; give. [1/6 definitions]
condign well-deserved or fitting, esp. of punishment or reprimand.
disservice an act of treating someone badly or less favorably than deserved.
due deserved; appropriate; fitting. [2/7 definitions]
fair1 just or justified, deserved. [1/12 definitions]
just deserved or merited. [1/12 definitions]
justice the dispensing of that which is owing or deserved, such as reward or punishment. [1/5 definitions]
legitimate valid, justified, or deserved. [1/6 definitions]
pretension (often pl.) a claim to something not warranted or deserved, or the act of putting forth such a claim. [1/3 definitions]
undeserved combined form of deserved.
well-earned deserved because clearly earned or merited; due.