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Abaddon in the Old Testament, a place of destruction; abode of the wicked dead; hell. [2 definitions]
apocalypse any instance of terrible destruction and devastation, esp. on a scale that could bring about an end to the world. [1/3 definitions]
baneful causing or leading to death, destruction, or ruin; harmful or deadly.
blight a plant disease characterized by rapid destruction of parts or all of a plant. [1/5 definitions]
bloodshed the spilling of blood through injury or violence, esp. the destruction of living beings; warfare.
bombproof impervious to damage or destruction by conventional bombs.
calamity an event causing extreme harm, suffering, or destruction; disaster. [1/2 definitions]
chemosurgery the selective removal or destruction of tissue by chemical rather than surgical means.
conservation the act of preserving and protecting from loss, destruction, or waste. [1/2 definitions]
conserve to keep safe from loss, destruction, or waste. [1/4 definitions]
death destruction or termination of anything. [1/5 definitions]
death knell a portent or event signaling the end or destruction of something. [1/2 definitions]
debris scattered fragments, as after an act of destruction; ruins; rubble. [1/2 definitions]
destructive causing chaos or destruction. [1/2 definitions]
devastation the act or an instance of destroying or ruining, or the destruction or ruin thus caused.
doom fate or destiny, esp. that of destruction or death. [1/5 definitions]
ecocide the destruction of the environment or of ecological systems by indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, dumping of chemical wastes, the use of defoliants and pollutants, and the like.
elimination the act or process of eliminating; disposal; destruction; dismissal. [1/2 definitions]
end death; destruction; ruin. [1/18 definitions]
evil a force, condition, or activity that causes suffering or destruction. [1/7 definitions]
fatal leading to misfortune, ruin, or destruction. [1/4 definitions]