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atomic age (often cap.) the period in history characterized by the development and use of atomic energy in the generation of electrical power and for immensely destructive weapons.
atomic bomb an extremely destructive weapon, the explosive power of which derives from the immense amount of energy suddenly released when the nuclei of uranium 235 or plutonium atoms are split; atom bomb.
bash a destructive or crushing blow. [1/4 definitions]
berserk violently enraged; wildly destructive. [1/2 definitions]
bomb a metal shell filled with explosives that is dropped, thrown, or otherwise directed at a certain target for destructive purposes. [1/8 definitions]
cancer any destructive force or thing that spreads slowly. [1/5 definitions]
chinch bug a small black and white insect that is destructive to grains and grasses.
civilize to bring to an educated or refined condition; cause impulsive or destructive behavior to be voluntarily restrained.
civilized educated or refined; not impulsive or destructive; socialized or civil.
cockchafer any of several large European scarab beetles that are esp. destructive of forest trees.
corn borer a moth larva that is highly destructive to corn and other plants.
crash1 a destructive impact or collision, as of one or more vehicles. [1/17 definitions]
crisis an unstable or uncertain situation that has potential to bring about dramatic, possibly destructive, changes. [1/2 definitions]
cyclone a large system of winds that rotates around a center of low barometric pressure, moving counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern, and usu. producing destructive storms. (Cf. anticyclone.) [1/2 definitions]
destroy to be destructive; harm or ruin. [1/5 definitions]
evil producing destructive effects. [2/7 definitions]
fell3 destructive or fatal. [1/2 definitions]
fire an instance of destructive burning. [1/15 definitions]
force of nature a hurricane, an earthquake, or other such powerful natural event, esp. one that is highly destructive, usu. generated by atmospheric or lithospheric conditions. [1/3 definitions]
frit fly any of several small flies whose larvae are destructive to grain.
gypsy moth a moth having as its larva a hairy caterpillar that is extremely destructive to foliage.