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cardiograph an instrument used to detect and record the differences in bodily electric potential that are associated with the action of the heart; electrocardiograph.
demodulate in telecommunications, to derive the original signal from (a modulated carrier signal); detect.
descry to find or detect by means of close study or observation. [1/2 definitions]
electrocardiograph a galvanometer that detects and makes a graphic record of electric activity in the heart muscles, used to detect and diagnose heart disease or malfunction.
fire tower a high towerlike structure, usu. in a forest, from which a lookout keeps watch to detect and report fires.
fluorometer a device used to detect and measure the wavelength and intensity of fluorescence.
geophone a sensitive electronic receiver designed to detect seismic vibrations.
indiscernible difficult to detect or perceive.
listening post in the military, an advanced, concealed position established near enemy lines in order to listen to and detect the movements of the enemy. [1/2 definitions]
monitor to detect, keep track of, or check the quality of (television or radio signals) with a receiver. [1/11 definitions]
motion-sensing able to detect motion electronically.
nose the ability to mentally detect or perceive, analogous to sensing by smell. [1/9 definitions]
resonator any of various devices, often hollow, that produce sound through resonance, or that detect resonance.
scent to detect the presence or nearness of (someone or something) by or as if by using the sense of smell. [1/7 definitions]
smell to detect; discern. [1/12 definitions]
smoke out to detect and force to become public; reveal. [1/2 definitions]
sniff to sense or detect; perceive. [1/7 definitions]
spark chamber any of several devices using a great number of parallel, oppositely charged metal plates in an inert gas to detect subatomic particles, rays, or the like, which make trails of sparks between the plates.
spot to notice; detect. [1/13 definitions]
subtle difficult to detect or define; elusive or ambiguous. [1/4 definitions]