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bend sinister in heraldry, a diagonal band from the lower left to the upper right of a shield, signifying bastardy; bar sinister.
bias a line diagonal to the grain, esp. of a woven fabric. [2/8 definitions]
candy-striped having diagonal stripes in alternating colors, resembling those on a candy cane or the like.
cater-cornered diagonal. (See kitty-cornered.) [1/2 definitions]
common fraction a fraction represented by a numerator, above a horizontal or diagonal line, and a denominator below. (Cf. decimal fraction.)
diagonal something that is diagonal, esp. a line or plane. [1/5 definitions]
half-timbered of a house or other building, having an exposed framework of vertical, horizontal, or diagonal timbers, with the spaces in between filled with plaster or brick.
kitty-cornered in a diagonal or angled position, esp. relative to another object or space.
ogive the diagonal rib of a Gothic vault. [1/3 definitions]
Sam Browne belt a waist belt with a diagonal strap over the right shoulder, worn as part of a military or police uniform, esp. as support for a pistol.
serge a sturdy suiting material with a diagonal weave.
slash a diagonal line used as a punctuation mark; virgule. [1/9 definitions]
tick-tack-toe a game for two players, one marking X's and the other marking O's in turn on a grid of nine squares until one succeeds in filling three squares with the same mark in a row down, across, or on a diagonal.
twill a fabric woven in a pattern of diagonal lines. [2/3 definitions]
twilled woven as or in a twill, so as to have parallel diagonal ribs.
whipcord a worsted fabric with deep diagonal ribbing. [1/2 definitions]