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accusative denoting, relating to, or in a grammatical case that usu. marks direct objects of verbs or objects of prepositions; objective. [1/3 definitions]
address to direct attention to; deal with or be concerned with. [2/9 definitions]
advert to direct the attention by comment or remark (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/2 definitions]
advertise to direct attention to. [1/4 definitions]
aim to direct, as a remark, question, or criticism. [1/8 definitions]
amitosis direct cell division in which the nucleus divides without the formation of chromosomes. (Cf. mitosis.)
antipode a direct opposite.
armchair lacking direct involvement or practical experience. [1/2 definitions]
ask to direct or demand. [1/11 definitions]
beeline the most direct course, usu. traveled quickly.
bid to direct; command. [2/8 definitions]
blunt direct in manner; abrupt and frank. [1/5 definitions]
broil1 to be subjected to high, direct heat. [3/6 definitions]
brutal unpleasantly plain and direct. [1/3 definitions]
cast to direct (one's eyes, or a look or glance). [1/18 definitions]
charismatic of, relating to, or pertaining to any of several religious sects that emphasize direct communication with God, or God-given powers. [1/3 definitions]
checkmate in the game of chess, a winning maneuver in which the opponent's king piece is brought under direct attack and from which escape is not possible. [1/3 definitions]
circumstantial evidence facts that are not direct evidence of an action, but that, in a court of law, may support an inference about that action; indirect evidence.
city manager a person appointed by a city council to oversee and direct the affairs of the city.
clinical of or related to direct observation and treatment of patients, as opposed to theory or laboratory research. [1/3 definitions]
clinician a doctor who studies or practices medicine by direct observation and treatment, as opposed to theory or laboratory research.