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cut off one's nose to spite one's face to take spiteful or vengeful action that causes pain or disadvantage to oneself.
debit a shortcoming or disadvantage; drawback. [1/5 definitions]
detrimental causing harm, disadvantage, or deterioration.
exploit2 to use to one's own advantage and to the disadvantage of the person or thing being used. [1/2 definitions]
feather one's nest to exploit an opportunity to enrich oneself, esp. to the disadvantage or at the expense of others.
freeload (informal) to take food, lodging, entertainment, or the like at someone else's expense and usu. to his or her disadvantage.
handicap a disability or disadvantage that acts as an impediment or limitation. [4/6 definitions]
hole a position of serious disadvantage. [1/9 definitions]
ill causing harm or disadvantage; detrimental. [1/11 definitions]
labor to suffer from a disadvantage (usu. fol. by "under"). [1/9 definitions]
liability area of weakness; disadvantage; susceptibility. [1/3 definitions]
loss the harm or disadvantage caused by losing or having something taken away. [1/6 definitions]
penalize to impose a disadvantage or handicap on. [1/3 definitions]
position one's situation, esp. in relation to one's sense of advantage or disadvantage. [1/9 definitions]
prejudice disadvantage or harm caused by the adverse preconceptions of others. [1/6 definitions]
prejudicial causing prejudice; putting at a disadvantage; injurious; detrimental.