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alack used to indicate dismay, sadness, or regret.
appall to cause to feel horror, shock, dismay, or the like.
appalling causing shock, dismay, or consternation; frightful.
dear used to express astonishment, dismay, or the like. [1/9 definitions]
god used to express dismay, scorn, annoyance, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
heart-stricken deeply afflicted with grief, dismay, or remorse.
oops a mild expression of dismay, sudden embarrassment, or unpleasant surprise, esp. at one's own mistake; whoops.
shock1 to agitate suddenly, causing intense surprise, dismay, disgust, or the like. [1/8 definitions]
shocking causing great dismay, disgust, or outrage, often combined with surprise. [1/2 definitions]