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biodiversity the diversity of life forms on earth or part of the earth, including diversity of species, genes, and ecosystems, esp. when regarded as providing the optimal conditions for evolution.
monolith something suggesting the qualities of a monolith, such as great size, absence of diversity, or an unyielding nature. [1/3 definitions]
monolithic large, unyielding, and without diversity. [1/2 definitions]
overdiversity combined form of diversity.
variant containing or exhibiting variation or diversity; varying. [1/3 definitions]
varied marked by diversity; having many different forms or types. [1/3 definitions]
variegated showing variety or diversity, esp. in having patches, spots, streaks, or the like of various colors.
variety the condition or quality of being varied; diversity. [1/3 definitions]
vary to give diversity to. [1/4 definitions]